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Queensland Hydroturf is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective ways to rehabilitate areas by providing hydromulching, seeding and other soil stabilisation and erosion control measures.

Flexible solutions for your grassing needs.

Hydromulching creates the ideal microenvironment for germinating seed because in the hydromulch mix fibre mulch and tackifiers are used to anchor the mixture to slopes and help seal in moisture. The water is then slowly released, along with nutrients, to the root system to constantly replenish itself until the next rainfall or watering allowing the root system to go deep where moisture is at its greatest making it very drought tolerant.

Hydromulching typically yields superior results the first time it is installed and the seeds are more resistant to external problems because it has been established in its present soil conditions, it doesn’t suffer from stress after being transplanted like turf.

But check out the range of services we offer, anything from site preparation to watering and establishment.