Application of mulch

After application of mulch


What is hydromulching? 

Seed, mulch, fertiliser and health soil amendments are combined with water in a tank to form a thick slurry which is then applied through a hose or canon under pressure. Hydromulching provides an ideal environment for seed germination and turf development.  

Why is hydromulch a good option? 

Advantages of hydromulching include the ability to cover large, difficult and inaccessible areas with a covered barrier to keep seed and soil stabilised. Coupled with increased plant survival, faster germination and drought tolerance, the easy application makes hydromulch ideal for a large range of projects including house lawns, golf courses, playing fields, roadside erosion control and even industrial areas such as solar farms. 


Hydroseeding uses the same principle as hydromulching but less mulch is applied. This fast and effective application of seed means less ground preparation is necessary with a higher rate of seed germination and plant survival.